About Us

Bulgaria Film Locations was founded in 2005 and was the first Bulgarian company that provides location scouting and management for international productions filmed in Bulgaria. Since then, the company has extended its operations to the full spectrum of production services, which lead to the creation of other companies like Dream Team Films and Mainstreet Entertainment which produce and service, respectively, film and TV content domestically and for the international market. Run by the same partners, who have long experience and vast knowledge of the film industry, Bulgaria Film Locations is today the proud, preferred location services provider to many of the biggest names in the business, having worked on dozens of big projects for production companies from the USA, the UK, Germany, France, Israel… to name a few.

We developed this website with the online catalogue of film locations so that you can easily see what Bulgaria Film Locations can offer as location services for your productions. It is our great pleasure and a personal mission to constantly enrich and upgrade our location catalogue, adding everyday more and more amazing locations for every type of film project. If you can’t find the perfect location for your film or TVC on our website, this doesn’t mean that we can’t provide it for you – if it’s out there, somewhere, we will have it and have it delivered to you! You just need to tell us what you’re looking for, and you’ll have a personalised presentation in no time!

Why Film in Bulgaria?


Finding the perfect and cheap film locations for your next big project has never been easier!

Bulgaria has an incredibly rich and varied domain of natural scenery and man-made sites suitable for filming locations. Cities, towns and villages with busy streets and widely diverse architecture and historic archaeological sites, ranging from epic ancient remains from the Thracian kings (4th century BC) and the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires to the ultra-modern buildings of today.

The richness and diversity of the natural scenery in Bulgaria is truly unique – thick forests and lush green valleys, 39 distinct mountains with varying looks and features from steep and rocky ice-covered summits that resemble the Alps to low-hill wide mountain ranges that look like the Highlands or New Zealand landscapes. Crystal clear rivers and lakes stretch across to the coast of the Black sea, where there are wide beaches covered with golden sands and picturesque cliffs that make breathtaking views.

Bulgaria has a temperate-continental climate, which is characteristic for Central Europe with its moderate features that make all four seasons very distinct – hot and sunny summers, cold and snowy winters, warm and vibrant blossomy springs, rainy and romantic golden-leafed autumns.

All this within a relatively small area of land, in a few hours drive from corner to corner, which makes for convenient and cost-effective logistic solutions.

Bulgaria has also an incredibly rich and varied cinematic history and heritage with more than a 100 years of film-making, that has proven to have brought an excellent quality to cost ratio. Over the past 50 years, the ever-growing industry has created and developed many internationally respected, highly-skilled, experienced and motivated English-speaking professionals, who help create quality productions at competitive rates.

In addition to all this, Bulgaria offers very competitive operational costs, which are on average as much as 30-40% lower than Central Europe, and even lower than any country in Western Europe, the US or Canada. We also have a fixed flat rate income tax of 10%, for all corporate entities, and the local VAT refund is guaranteed.

On our website you can see some remarkable examples of the filming locations our company is proud to offer, and if you’re interested in any particular backlot sets or practical locations, don’t hesitate to demand additional info or make a request for a personalised scout for the exact type of location you may need.