Art Center & Theater

Location ID: 2100

A modern venue with a theater stage and hall that can be easily transformed to host various events, like ceremonies, galas, parties, plays, concerts and other art performances. There aren’t any fixed seating piece, so the auditorium can be dressed to suit many different needs. This venue is an old repurposed film theater, close to the city center and many other great film locations. The main entrance is on a city boulevard, right opposite to a city park, and the lobby is designed very artistically. In the back, there is a small and cozy backyard with a terrace that easily hosts cocktail parties and other events. The theater has also a backstage area with dressing and makeup rooms. It has a modern lighting and sound systems, and a projection screen. The decor is modern and eclectic, almost on the edge of being conceptual, which makes this location a one of a kind.