Congress Center Exterior

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This truly impressive location is the National Palace of Culture – Congress Centеr Sofia (NPC), which is one of the largest multi-purpose venues in Southeastern Europe. Opened in 1981, NPC was designed to host a wide range of events, such as international congresses, official meetings, conferences, international conventions, summits, exhibitions, festivals, concerts and other cultural events. The Palace houses a rich variety of the most distinguished Bulgarian collections of visual arts designed by some of the most prominent artists of the country. These monumental works are integrated in the conceptual architecture and design of NPC. The Palace of Culture is situated in the heart of Sofia and is surrounded by a leisure park. The venue is encircled by terraces offering panoramic views over the capital. It is within walking distance to all central places of Sofia. The Bulgaria Square in front of NPC is a great exterior locations, with its wide alleys, beautiful gardens and fountains.