Functional Practical Set

Location ID: 2054

In the back part of the Residence building there are a few different small practical film sets, including a small underground lab set, a squalid small prison set with corridors and cells, an office reception on ground level with a direct entrance from the alley in front, several staircases, corridors and rooms that are dressed to play school classrooms, a room with a mirror-wall that can play either a dance studio or a sports gym, and a rather large TV news broadcasting studio set with a small green screen and multiple offices and storage rooms. Another interesting feature of this location is the rooftop, which is quite spacious and has two levels with access through metal ladders, and views of the city on one side and the mountain on the other. We seriously doubt that you could find one single practical location, which isn’t a film studio, that can offer so many and so diverse applications and settings anywhere else.