Landscape Park

Location ID: 1244

This magnificent masterpiece of the art of landscaping architecture was being developed for 40 years, during the first half of the 20th century, using decorative plants with impressive diversity – 821 species of trees, bushes and grass form 118 families and 435 genera, on a land area of a little less than 100 hectares. This fine landscape park was part of the Royal Palace estate, but today the Royal Family have donated the park to the public, although the area is still protected and carefully guarded. As a filming location, this park has a lot to offer, especially because the access to the park for the public can be easily restricted, and the location is secluded enough which allows for uninterrupted filming, away from the murmur of the city traffic. You can find different features and settings in the park, like the lake with the water lilies, a small wood cabin, alpineum gardens, old stables, greenhouses and more.