Marble Arches / Rock Phenomenon

Location ID: 2983

This awe-inspiring rock phenomenon is known as the The Wondrous Bridges. It is situated in the karst valley of a river in the West Rhodope mountain, on an elevation of 1450 meters above sea level. The rock phenomenon is situated at about a 2-hour drive from Sofia.

Long ago, the bridges used to be one entire cave, formed under the erosive action of the river stream. Parts of it have collapsed with time, forming majestic marble bridges. The large bridge is about 15 meters wide, and almost 100 meters long. It consists of three arches, as the largest one is 45 meters high and 40 meters wide. The small bridge is at some 200 meters farther down the river, and it’s 60 meters long, with total height of 50 meters, and the height of the arch is 30 meters. There is also a really small third bridge after it, which is a ponor cave, into which the the river sinks.