Period Building Exterior

Location ID: 1074

This beautiful film location is a period building which was originally built as a public bath, later to be repurposed as The Museum of History of Sofia. This Landmark is located in the very heart of the old part of Bulgaria’s capital city of Sofia, surrounded by numerous other magnificent buildings and sites that combine classic, historical and contemporary architecture. In front of the building there is a small square with a garden and a picturesque fountain opposing a beautiful Ottoman mosque. The building itself is designed in Vienna Secession style, with a round Greek-style dome on top of the entrance section, very much resembling the Pantheon in Rome, richly covered in white marble and multi-coloured ceramic tiles, skillfully combining different architectural styles typical for the architectural style from the mid-ages and the beginning of the 20th century East-European architecture.┬áThis intriguing and versatile practical filming location has a lot to offer to your next big film project – feature, commercial or documentary.