Location ID: 1594

This impressive and remarkable period building is the Rectorate, or the main building of the Sofia University. The construction of the main building was finished in 1934, using a rework of the original design by a french architect who won an international contest in 1906. The building’s architecture has an eclectic design, although the Baroque features are clearly predominant. The central block, which was the original building to be constructed, was meant to have primarily representative functions, consisting of the main vestibule and the old Aula. The facade is represented as a triumphal arch of the Bulgarian culture from the time of Knyaz (Grand Prince) Boris I. The interior bears the spirit of the well-received Baroque style, but even more expressive and flamboyant than the exterior. Terracotta mosaic floors, Italian marble wall tiling and columns, vibrant stained glass art compositions all combine in a harmoniously colorful architectural environment, to create and leave until today this architectural masterpiece as still one of the most beautiful public buildings in Sofia.

As a filming location, Sofia University does have a lot to offer, from the main vestibule with the majestic stairway that leads to the exquisite Aula, through miles of corridors lined with classrooms of varied sizes and looks – with rooms that have been preserved and restored to their original design, and ones that have been remodeled in a ultra-modern and state-of-the-art fashion – to libraries that keep millions of book items, this unique location can suit the needs of a great variety of productions.