Reservoir / Lake

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Kardzhali Reservoir is among the largest reservoirs in Bulgaria, and is characterized by its walls – one of highest dam walls in Europe – 109 m. in height, 341 m. long. It is situated in the picturesque Arda River Valley, about 3 km from Karzhdali (3.5 – 4 hours away from Sofia by car). The length of the water reservoir is about 22 km with an average depth of 60 m.

The great bays, peninsulas and meadows along the banks make it a great place for sports, fishing trips, leisure and pastimes. Steep slopes with eye-catching rock formations rise above the waters. One of the rock phenomena has a huge gap in the middle and offers a wonderful view to the lake and the nearby villages. There are many ruins of ancient fortresses around. The best-preserved and situated is the Patmos fortress. The castle is located on a romantic peninsula that divides the waters into two forks. A nearby Peak, overlooking the fortress, offers stunning panoramic view of the Arda River bed and its beautiful meanders. The reservoir offers many sites and attractions for various types of activities – water restaurants, hatcheries, boat rentals, boat trips…