Location ID: 1992

This impressive residence is a great film location, with its elegant and classy ballrooms and common areas. It is a massive building in a quiet area of the city, that can offer different possibilities for filming various types of projects. The main part of the building has been recently renovated, offering refined and luxurious reception / lobby that can play a nice hotel or club, 2 big ballrooms that can suit all kinds of events, and a conference room / private office. The decor style is modern/classic, and the conference room / office borders with gaudiness, with its ornamented and flashy interior, but is nevertheless incredibly specific and interesting. The exterior of the building is contemporary and can be considered to fall into the category of International architectural style, although it brings a notion of the typical style of the Soviet Era. Stone-paved front yard with a functioning fountain, side alley, and a backyard with another fountain and a small pond, a gazebo and a back facade that looks like a small hotel. This practical location can serve lots of purposes, and can easily be dressed to suit your production needs. And there is a large complex of small practical film sets in the back part of the building, which can have many different purposes and can be re-dressed to play various settings.