The Largo

Location ID: 1104

The “Largo” is an architectural ensemble of monumental edifices from the 1950’s┬áSocialist Classicism architecture, which is today one of the main landmarks of Sofia. The large city square, paved with the emblematic for the city yellow cobblestones, connects 3 of the major boulevards in the city, and is centered between the three massive buildings, which host one of the biggest hotels in the city, the President’s office, the House of Representatives, the Council of Ministers, and the Central Department Store. There are ancient Roman and Thracian archaeological sites and ruins underneath the complex, which are exposed to display in underground passages covered by impressive glass domes on the floor of the square, which became a major tourist sight. As an amazingly versatile, yet unique film location full of potential, this city landmark offers a lot – from locations that need to show a classic socialist looks and an atmosphere from Soviet Era eastern Europe, to modern day Europe, and even some unique futuristic settings in an urban environment.