Winery & Vineyard Park

Location ID: 2726

A boutique winery with a beautiful Park-vineyard of 42ha, located just 4 km away from the winery, on a southern slope on the foothill of Rhodope mountains, with 300 m average altitude, and just shy of 2 hours away from Sofia.

The estate features a guest house, enotheque, and a wine tasting room which is for 60 people. In the estate there’s also a goat farm, under the same domain name, where they grow South African goats.

In the area of the closest town Perushtitsa there are other interesting sites and locations, like the  Red Church of the 6th century, the Historical Museum, the Danovo’s  School, the Church-Museum “St. Archangel Michael “. On the slopes of Rhodope Mountains, above the village, you can find  the remains of the walls of the Thracian fortress of Hissarluka, and the Byzantine fortress of Yustina of Emperor Yustinian, where the name of the village of Ustina comes from.

This great film location can double beautifully for France, Italy, Spain or even some vineyard estates in the New World.