Production Services

We Offer Full Range of Production Services to Our International Clients and Partners


As one of the first companies in Bulgaria to provide full services for international film productions, we have now more than 15 years of experience in producing and servicing dozens of feature films, hundreds of hours of various TV series and other programmes, TV commercials, music videos, documentaries and all kinds of film projects.


Mainstreet Entertainment was created by us, as part of our group of companies, to provide services and support to foreign production companies in their film projects realized in Bulgaria.

From budgeting, planning and pre-production, through crew & talent sourcing and management, equipment rental, production design, set construction and dressing, costumes, hair & makeup, props, action vehicles, special effects, stunt coordination and performance, to post-production and high-end visual effect – we’ve got everything covered for you!

Contact us directly, or visit Mainstreet Entertainment’s website for more detailed information and to get in touch with our producers or production managers!